Finally posted something new…

Added a link to a small photo gallery of pictures from our fall 2015 trip to the U.P. We visited Indian Lake, Historic Fayette, Fort Wilkins in Copper Harbor as well as St. Ignace on our way back home.


Alaska Vacation Slideshow

Myrtle Beach Sunrise

Just a little animated gif from our sunrise pictures taken at Myrtle Beach.

Vacation September 2012

Hello from Myrtle Beach. Can’t believe we are finally here. We are enjoying relaxing and “recharging”. The sunrise is beautiful. We also are enjoying the fruits of North and South Carolina thanks to friends and the Myrtle Farmer’s Market. Below are some Southern Treats that we are enjoying during our stay: A friend of ours […]

Finally, real winter weather in Michigan !

Finally, we actually had a good freeze and a nice light snow. A great day to cozy up indoors and watch our winter friends at the bird feeder. It is interesting how the squirrel uses his tail to shelter him from the snow while he is eating- now we know what a squirrel’s tail is […]