Amishland & Lakes 2009

It’s that time of year again…..

Time to register for  the Amishland & Lakes bicycle ride.

The website can be found here

You canalso  download a registration form this site:  amishland2009 registration

Late January and it’s still winter!!

Brrrrrrrr  !

Brrrrrrrr !

It is cold and wintry outside but cosy inside our Michigan home. While we are indoors we are busy thinking about our exciting  spring and summer plans. Soon the garden will be planted in the form of little indoor seed trays and gro-lights.  We are also happy to announce the completion of our first book, a cookbook called “A Season of Cooking: Volume 1”.  It contains most of our favorite recipes using fruits and vegetables from our garden with photos we took of our garden and while camping .  We just got the first copy printed today!  Here is the cover:


Merry Christmas


Christmas Eve …..

Merry Christmas !


7 days to go……..


9 days to go……