A Trip to the Dark Side

Well it happened …..

One week ago today my new MacBook arrived.

So begins my journey to the dark side 😉

Overall impressions after one week of use:

Very easy to set up right out of the box, connected to my wireless network effortlessly.

Easy to use – yes it’s different from a PC but it’s not that hard to learn.

Battery life is better than I expected ( about 3 – 4 hours surfing and work use).

The biggest challenge has been finding software that would do the things that I used to do on the PC –

I was able to download a mac version of Filezilla for my FTP needs so no change there.

NeoOffice – A mac version of OpenOffice so no change here either.

For my PDF needs I used Foxit reader pro on the PC but a mac version doesn’t exist yet but I did find a great alternative – Skim ( a free full featured pdf reader).

For my website work I needed something that just plain works ( I had been using Expression Web on the PC ) so after trying a couple I’ve settled on KompoZer for now which seems to work well.

More to follow later.

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